Garth and Bev (2010)


There'll be fun and laughs and squabbles and mess... but at the heart of Garth and Bev lies the idea that nature, in all its brilliance, is the primary source of invention, creativity and problem solving.Garth is a kid with a huge appetite for adventure. He and his sister Bev live back in the Bronze Age, but with a little magical help from their druid grandfather Lir, they can travel anywhere in time to satisfy their curiosity about the world and everything in it. More often than not, Garth and Bev discover on their adventures that using a little know-how from nature is as relevant to their everyday life as is throughout history!

Production Company: Bullitt Film
Production Company: Copernicus
Production Company: Kavaleer Productions
tel: +353 1 488 5873
Production Company: Lisbet Gabrielsson Film
Running Time: 20 x 11 minutes
Status: Delivered
Financiers: IFB, BAI, BBC, BBC WW, RTÉ, Village Productions
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