As If I Am Not There (2010)


Samira, a young teacher from Sarajevo assigned to a Bosnian village school in the early '90s, finds her life turned on its head the day a young soldier walks uninvited into her kitchen and tells her to pack a bag.

As the sky turns black with smoke from the burning village behind her, Samira enters a new world, where peace is a fairytale and there are no homes, only camps - transit camp, reception camp, labour camp and death camp. Samira's journey through the tragedy, nightmare and depravity of the Balkan conflict will lead her eventually back to the light, to freedom in Sweden, and with a totally unanticipated reason to hope again.

Distributor: Element Pictures Distribution (Ireland)
Production Company: Octagon Films
tel: +353 1 276 9468
Production Company: Wide Eye Films
Production Design: Bujar Mucha, Anna Rackard
Director/Script: Juanita Wilson
Editor: Nathan Nugent
Photography: Tim Fleming
Running Time: 95 minutes
Financiers: IFB, Swedish Film Institute/Film I Vast, Macedonian Film Fund, Eurimages, ContinuPrint
Status: Mid 2010
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