A Kiss For Jed (2010)


Nineteen year old Orla from Country Antrim wins 'Follow a Star' on the Irish national TV station. Her prize is a quest - to find C&W star Jed Wood, give him a kiss, and report on her adventure on the following week's show.

Ray Timmons, a 40-year-old with a great future behind him, is dispatched as her profoundly reluctant cameraman. They are wildly unsuccessful. But events, and a succession of extraordinary encounters, change the course of their quest. When Orla faces a fate worse than death, Ray - against his better judgment and in the teeth of all his avowed ambitions - decides to stay and rescue her. Neither of them gets what they came to New York for, but they do achieve a kind of liberation (and a way to share it).

Production Company: Ignition Film Productions
tel: +353 1 276 9665, +353 86 241 6476
Running Time: 85 minutes
Status: Delivered
Financiers: IFB, RTÉ, Ardmore Sound, Egg Post Production
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