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Father and Son (2009)


This four-part contemporary thriller follows Michael, a reformed gang leader as he leaves Manchester to start a new life in Clare with his pregnant girlfriend Anna. However, when his estranged son Vincent is imprisoned for a gang murder, Michael must return to Manchester and the scenes of his criminal past in order to save him. But Vincent has been set up for the murder in order to lure Michael back to Manchester.

Sales Agent: BBC Worldwide
tel: +44 20 8433 2000
Production Company: Left Bank Pictures
Production Company: Octagon Films
tel: +353 1 276 9468
Director: Brian Kirk
Production Design: Dave Arrowsmith
Script: Frank Deasy
Photography: Ruairí O’Brien
Editor: Tim Murrell
Running Time: 4 x 1 hour
Locations: Dublin, Wicklow
Status: early 2009
Financiers: IFB, ITV, RTE, BBC Worldwide
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