A nyomozó (The Investigator) (2009)


The hero of this unconventional crime story is 37-year-old Tibor. In the city hospital where he works as a pathologist, his mother is dying of cancer. He discovers there is a possible cure for her, but it requires the kind of money he just doesn't have. But then a mysterious one-eyed man called Cyclops comes into his life and offers him the money he needs if he agrees to carry out an assassination for him. Tibor accepts the job, without knowing the identity of the intended target. A letter he receives after the killing, however, reveals circumstances that shed a totally new light on the contract.

Production Company: Anagram Production
Production Company: Fastnet Films
tel: +353 1 478 9566
Production Company: KMH Film
Sales Agent: TrustNordisk
tel: +45 36 868 788
Director/Script: Attila Galambos
Photography: Mate Herbai
Production Design: Sandra Sztevanovity
Editor: Zoltan Kovacs
Running Time: 108 minutes
Status: Completed
Financiers: IFB, Film i Vast, HMPF
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