Five Minutes of Heaven (2009)


Two Ulstermen; one a murderer, the other the brother of the man he killed. Since 1975 each of these two men has lived in dread of encountering the other. One, Alistair, feels he dare not ask forgiveness, the other, Joe, feels incapable of giving it. When they do eventually meet, Joe is armed and on the point of claiming his revenge. But something extraordinary happens - something that will change the rest of their lives.

Awards Sundance Film Festival - Winner of World Cinema Dramatic Competition Best Director (2009)
Sundance Film Festival - Winner of World Cinema Screenwriting Award (2009)
IFTA Award for Best Single Drama/Drama Serial (2010)
Official_selections Sundance Film Festival (2009)
Dublin International Film Festival (2009)
Production Company: Big Fish Films
Production Company: Element Pictures
tel: +353 1 618 5032
web: www.elementpictures.ie
Irish Distributor: Element Pictures Distribution (Ireland)
Sales Agent: Pathé
tel: +44 20 7462 4416
web: www.pathedistribution.com
Production Company: Ruby Films
tel: +44 2078339990
web: www.rubyfilms.co.uk
Script: Guy Hibbert
Editor: Hans Funck
Production Design: Mark Lowry
Photography: Ruairí O’Brien
Running Time: 85 minutes
Status: Completed
Locations: Down
Financiers: IFB, BBC Films, Pathé, Northern Ireland Screen
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