The Eclipse (2009)


Widower Michael Farr has been seeing and hearing strange things late at night in his house. He isn't sure if he is simply having terrifying nightmares or if his house is haunted. When he volunteers at a local international literary festival, he is drawn to the attractive Lena Morelle who writes supernatural novels. Lena has come to the festival at the bidding of world-renowned novelist Nicholas Holden with whom she had a brief affair with. As the festival progresses, the trajectories of these three people draw them into a life-altering collision between the living and the dead.

Production Company: Treasure Entertainment
tel: +353 1 475 8820
Director: Conor McPherson
Editor: Emer Reynolds
Photography: Ivan McCullough
Production Design: Mark Geraghty
Producer: Rob Walpole
Locations: Cork
Status: early 2009
Financiers: IFB, RTE, BCI
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