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My Boy Jack (2008)


My Boy Jack is based on the true story of John "Jack" Kipling, son of acclaimed British author Rudyard Kipling, who is determined to become a soldier during the First World War. Suffering from severe myopia, Jack is refused entry to the army until his father, a personal friend of King George V, intervenes and uses his influence to gain Jack a commission with the Irish Guards. When after going into battle in France, Jack was listed as "missing believed wounded", Kipling and his American wife Carrie begin the frantic search to find him.

Production Company: Ecosse Films
Sales Agent: Granada International Media
tel: + 44 207 491 14 41
Production Company: Octagon Films
tel: + 353 1 276 9528
Director: Brian Kirk
Production Design: David Arrowsmith
Script: David Haig
Photography: David Odd
Editor: Tim Murrell
Status: Completed
Locations: Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Laois Running Time 90 minutes
Financiers: IFB, ITV, WGBH, Granada International Media
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