Kisses (2008)


Available to own on DVD from 6th March 2009

Winner Audience Award, Miami International Film Festival 2009
Winner Best Director and Best Editing, IFTA's 2009
Winner Best Irish Feature Galway Film Fleah 2008
Official Selection at Locarno Film Festival 2008
Official Selection at Toronto International Film Festival 2008
Official Selection at telluride Film Festival 2008
Two ten-year-old kids, Dylan and Kylie, run away from dysfunctional homes into the streets of inner city Dublin. Searching for Dylan's elder brother as the night closes in, they're led into encounters that open their eyes not only to the wider world but to each other. Their new-found freedom turns sour when the darker side of Dublin's nightlife starts to emerge; and when Dylan discovers that Kylie has deeper motives for running away he is forced to choose between his common sense and his loyalty to her. They will need more than everyday luck if they are to make it through to the morning.

Production Company: Fastnet Films
tel: +353 1 478 9566
Music: Go Blimps Go
Photography: Jake Corbitt
Director/Script: Lance Daly
Producer: Macdara Kelleher
Editor: Pat J. Duffner
Production Design: Waldemar Kalinawski
Running Time: 80 minutes
Locations: Dublin
Status: early 2008
Financiers: IFB, Film I Vast, TV3, Zentropa, BCI, Ardmore Sound, 50/50 Post
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