An Goban Saor (1994)


A contemporary Irish language film based on the riddles of the Gobán Saor, a mythical mason and builder of mountains and round towers. This one hour drama sees a contemporary Gobán teach his son Darrach how to tell a story whilst driving in his car. "Shorten the road", he exclaims, beseeching his son to tell a tale.
The drama follows a series of riddles the Gobán sets Darrach when he eventually realises he was exchanged at birth for a girl, Gruamach, with whom his father arranges his marriage. Gruamach is a clever one and Darrach is clever enough to marry her.
Darrach embarks on a bizarre journey of discovery and is finally able to 'shorten the road' for his contrary father.

Production Company: Ilanna Teo.
Running Time: 52 mins.
Locations: Feakle, Flagmount, Co. Clare; Woodford, Co. Galway
Format: Super 16 mm
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