All Things Bright and Beautiful (1994)


Set in Ireland in the 1950s, this is the story of nine year old Barry O'Neill, altar boy and innocent, who has a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the ensuing snowball of religious euphoria that threatens to turn him into a saint.
Father McAteer is ecstatic; Barry is reluctant to disabuse him while Barry's father is sceptical. Eglish gets its grotto and is soon vying with the glories of Fatima and Lourdes as coach-loads of pilgrims flock to the village. But is Barry really a visionary or just trying too hard to please?
Shimmering with the memories of carefree summers long since gone, writer/director Barry Devlin's All Things Bright and Beautiful is an insightful, often amusing tale of innocent childhood.

Production Company: Good Film Company
Running Time: 85 mins
Locations: Donaghmore, Co. Laois
Format: Super 16mm
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