A Vertical Man (1998)


A re-evaluation of the great composer and musician, Seán Ó'Riada, of whom the poet Thomas Kinsella said: "It is not often that a single person, however gifted, can alter the character of a nation's culture. Ó Riada managed to do this..."

This film tells the story of Ó Riada's life and work, using the composer's own words as transcribed from various writings, lecture notes and tapes. It is part historical document and part prophesy of the course of Irish culture.

llustration by Thomas Ryan. By Kind permission of the Abbey Theatre, Dublin

Contact Details: Irish Screen
tel: +353 1 662 3505
fax: +353 1 662 3507
Writer/Director: Christopher Swann
Producer: Nigel Warren-Green
Photography: Peter Robinson
Running Time: 1 hour
Format: S16mm Colour
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