Boys and Men (1996)


A dark, intense, emotionally-charged drama about Jack Doyle, a successful night-club owner who is abducted and terrorised by Paul Hennessy, a crazed young man who, we learn, was viciously bullied by Doyle when they were both schoolboys. Hennessy uses Doyle as a psychological scapegoat for his own predicament and at the climax carries out a gothic and haunting act of revenge.

"Although set entirely among two men in one room, Boys and Men makes for intense and shocking psychodrama and it more than fulfils its promise...the final scene is as chilling as anything seen since the finale of the original version of The Vanishing eight years ago."


Contact Details: Parallel Films
tel: +353 1 6718555
fax: +353 1 6714151
Producer: Alan Maloney
Script: Brian Lally
Director: Sean Hinds
Running Time: 40 minutes
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